Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

We were contacted by the Jhonson family to fully change and revitalise the appearance of their home in St Kilda. An inside-out project with demanding hallways and doors, this tested our attention to detail and professionalism. As this residence was put on the market for sale, we insisted that the structure could sell more just by adding some value to it. Nevertheless, our expert painting team accepted the project and transformed an exhausted looking yellow exterior house, to a modern and fashionable white home!
Further working was completed inside the house. Patching up doors and repainting the hallways ensuring that each corner was perfectly painted. As we like to be known for our tidiness, not only we finish this project rejuvenating the house but also cleaned up all areas that were used for painting and equipment usage. This project with our new and professional touch in exterior areas was eventually sold for an additional 40k.