Edward Street, Essendon

We were approached for a residential restoration of a vintage home located Edward Street, Essendon. It was a demanding task as we had to take precautions in order to rejuvenate the old windows and gate and make sure they are strongly intact with the structure itself. Our Painters also had to kill and strip a vine which had been growing at the front of the house interrupting the overall etiquette of the house. Keeping in mind the vulnerability of the house, we had to position our ladders with care and safety in order to secure and stabilize the areas that needed to be reconstructed and restored.
The preparations for this project had to be immaculate and accurate as this was a delicate structure and we were dedicated in restoring its vibrancy and strength. Following this, our excellent team managed to paint and restore this home providing a “wow-factor” to the residing neighbours that came to inspect. The light and monochrome colour scheme brings out a modern touch as the shades of green makes the house blend in with the area.