Wright Street, Essendon

An outstanding painting project, colour coated inside out by our quality painters. As this home, located on Wright Street, Essendon, ready to be placed on the market for sale, the pressure was immense in order to produce an accurate and meticulous outcome, as well as making sure all associations with the project were convinced of the outcome. Our Painters added significant value to the house providing a rich but harmonious colour scheme in the interior area, whilst keeping the welcoming, cosy but vibrant look of the exterior.
The house looked upgraded and close to perfection, we completed all the decking work to add the final touch to an outstanding project. We then proceeded to guide our clients on our work and choice of colour combinations as well as elaborating on any suggestions they had envisioned. All three parties, the real estate, the buyer and the seller were astonished with the outcome and could not wait to commence their deal!