Anderson Street, Yarraville

We were contacted to restore, modernise and reinvigorate the damaged and aged windows of this home, whist also adding some more detail and repainting some aspects of the interior and exterior parts of the house. The equipment we utilised in order to strip the oil coatings off the hard wood timber were heat guns and belt sanders. Our Painting’s methods left our client speechless as we were able to produce an exceptionally fine and delicate finish with the three different types of sand paper. What set us apart was the fact that after applying putty to all the window seals effectively and routinely, no damages to glass or exterior parts of the house were distinguished. Following our sectional painting on the other parts of the house we enlighten the owners, Neil and Mandy, about techniques they could use to preserve and maintain the quality and delicacy of their timber found on the windows, explaining that it will last if you use and apply the right product. After 6 whole years, the owners still elaborate and what a great job our Painters have done and it looks like a day hasn’t gone past from completion!